John McClain Design

The Process

How does a Project begin?

What's involved in the process?

What are our steps to bring your home to life?

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It All Starts with a Discovery Call

The first step to any of our design services is a Discovery Call. This is a 10-15 min FREE phone call where we discuss the needs and wants of your project. After you schedule your call, you will be asked to complete a design questionnaire prior to the actual call. Next, we chat! No obligation and super simple. Click here to schedule your Discovery Call now.

The Consultation

Your home's transformation moves forward with an in-home consultation. We meet with you at your home to review your current situation and to discuss all of your wishes and plans for the space(s). You must have completed the Discovery Call prior to the Consultation. At the consultation, we're all ears in the beginning and take copious notes based on what you show and tell us. We then make suggestions as to what we feel will create a better and more functional living environment; some changes could be implemented right away, such as re-positioning furniture or editing accessories, others might require more follow-up such as detailed drawings and furniture plans.

Your project also might only need the simple addition of furnishings, or possibly, it could involve a partial or full renovation. Either way, we will explain why these changes could make a better home for you and your family. At the end of our meeting, we leave you with written details of our suggestions to either follow through on your own, or you may choose to move forward with the experienced and professional team at John McClain Design allowing us to take care of all of the agreed upon details from start to finish. Our Consultation Fee is $450 & includes up to a two hour meeting in your home. 

Why do we charge for our consultation? This is so much more than just a meet and greet. It’s someone from our team providing you with specific, valuable and implementable design ideas.

What to Expect from the Consultation:

  • You'll get up to 2 hours at your home to discuss as many spaces as you would like.

  • The consultation is about your needs, so if that means offering design advice, showing us how you live in the space, and/or learning more about our "next steps" or "Full-Service" options, we can work on whatever works best for you. Your design questionnaire will be very helpful to us in addressing specific requests.

  • At the end of our Initial Consultation, our team will compile all of the notes from our discussions along with our recommendations & directly email them to you within 5 business days, so that you can reference them at your convenience. We will also let you know of the possible next steps if you would like further assistance from us. If not, you are free to begin implementation on your own.

Our Services

Design Development

  • Develop design concept including color schemes, design styles, finishes, and materials.

  • Consult on selection of appliances and fixtures

  • Draw tile and/or stone concept plan

  • Provide detailed finish schedule


  • Provide furniture layout and floor outlet locations

  • Provide detailed floor plan and elevations for the kitchen and baths, if needed

Purchasing and Consultation

  • Purchase designer materials on your behalf as needed and approved by you

  • Consult with outside trades people

Project Evaluation-Programming and Analysis

  • Define needs and goals

  • Analyze function of space

  • Determine use of existing furniture

  • Identify style

  • Establish budget

  • Define technical requirements

  • Measure areas included in project

Schematics and Drafting

  • Provide working drawings to include furniture plan, drapery elevations, sketches

  • Preliminary review and evaluation of drawing

Design Development

  • Develop design concept including color schemes, furniture styles, finishes, and materials.

  • Visit showrooms to determine design concept and style

  • Review magazine and photos

  • Select furniture vendors

Concept Application

  • Select flooring, wall covering, window coverings, lighting, furniture, fabrics and accessories

  • Draw custom furniture as required

  • Evaluate budget and selections

  • Review for scale, balance, harmony, and composition

Purchasing and Procurement

  • Define purchases required

  • Write purchase orders & process with vendor

  • Re-select back orders & discontinued materials

  • Expedite orders

  • Coordinate crating, shipping and delivery


  • Converse with other trade sources as needed

  • On-site installation of interior furnishings

Facilitation and Coordination or Referrals to:

  • Architects

  • General Contractors

  • Landscaping Architects

  • Mechanical and Structural Engineers

  • In-depth review of your specific design needs

  • Conceptual architectural design development with clients and architect


  • Define any unfinished details

  • Meet with client to evaluate project results

Our Process

At JMD, our goal is to make the design process an enjoyable one for our clients. Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project. Here’s how we work:

Project Initiation Phase
STEP 1        Consultation with John McClain or Senior Designer
STEP 2        Signing of agreement, receipt of retainer and commencement of project

Research, Design, Presentation Phase
STEP 3        Trade Day: on site measurements, photos and final criteria meeting
STEP 4        Design & Documentation: Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing goods and                               services, procuring estimates
STEP 5        Presentation: Visual display of furnishings and materials, presentation of estimates,                                 collection of deposit.

Project Fulfillment Phase
STEP 6        Order Placement: delivery lead time assessment
STEP 7        Budget & Progress Review
STEP 8        Initiation of construction and renovation by General Contractor
STEP 9        Installation period: and orders are received.
STEP 10      Furniture Installation and Styling
STEP 11      Client Reveal
STEP 12      Deficiencies:  Identified
STEP 13      Deficiencies:  Resolved
STEP 14      Project Closure Meeting: presentation of final invoices
STEP 15      Thank you & Project Completion: presentation of client binder